Friday, April 15, 2011

REDIRECT (the story of my life)

Mona's Gospel Musings (this blog) has been inactive for quite some time. (You might go inactive too if corporate sent you overseas for a year and the church made you Relief Society President three weeks later.) While undergoing this remodel of all my previously conceived notions of things as they really are, I have written and photographed the most romantic aspects of my honey-time-and-travels in Europe at the Word Press blog: Mona's Musings With a Hint of Romance.

You are of course, welcome to settle in and gorge yourself on the essays here at Mona's Gospel Musings until my return to it each Sunday, beginning May 1st. As always, if you become a real follower of Mona's Gospel Musings (musing with me on a regular basis), I will consider it an invitation to become part of your family and will follow you like a pesky mother hen, and include you on my personal blog roll.

See you at our rendezvous and back here soon!

OH! And see ya everyday at Mona's Musings on Facebook....