Sunday, August 21, 2011

A Daughter Called Abundance

Take ye wives, and beget sons and daughters;
and take wives for your sons,
and give your daughters to husbands
that they may bear sons and daughters;
that ye may be increased there,
and not diminished. ~Jerimiah 29:6
Poets may try to describe Abundance, but the essence of rapture, wholeness, blessedness, and security cannot be compressed into a boxful of words, smashed down or unleashed, tied with ribbon, or thrown to the wind. Abundance will not be portioned by words, which is ironic, since abundance craves to be shared, divided and multiplied. It runs over and spills and diffuses joy like a crystal chandelier, washing everything to a glow and bringing out the vivid colors in a world that ordinarily appears...ordinary.

My Baby became Bride one week ago. All her life (and the hordes of people who adore her will attest) she has created Abundance: it goes before her, surrounds her, and leaves a wake behind her. She lives like the  exuberant child she once was: playful and joyous in a pool filled with Abundance; splashing all the rest of us, drenching all the rest of us, laughing at our surprise. 

Her bridal gown appeared luminous, reflecting the natural sparkle in her countenance. She glittered like a summer lake, enticing everyone to dive in and cool off in her. For those of us who have known her the longest and loved her the best, Hannah has long been such a refuge; a mountain retreat where we are refreshed by Abundance.

Wedding Day became the opportunity for all of us to return the favor. Fans and friends and family threw love and memories and gratitude and talents and hope like kindling into the fire Kenneth and Hannah had ignited, then stood in awe and watched the blaze until we thought it touched the stars. Breathless at the perfect beauty of living, we basked in Unity and Abundance for hours until they were carried off in fairy-tale style. Content in the afterglow, we sat around the fire of friendship after they left us, staying warm by the embers.

My baby became Bride one week ago. Just like one of the butterflies on her cake, or in her flowers, or around her neck, she fluttered into the cupped hands of her perfect man. He held her with wonder and tenderness; stunned that such a fine, delicate, thrilling creature had chosen to alight on him and kiss his face forever.

All the rest of us are delighted that it is his glass jar that she's chosen to live in. We know he will feed and protect and marvel at her and that together, they will transform life as we know it.

Abundance has a way of enlightening and enlarging everything.

 A mother's treasure is her daughter. ~Catherine Pulsifer


Sarah said...

Such a Beloved and BEAUTIFUL Bride!!! Congratulations to your entire family! What an amazing experience to go through and so eloquently expressed!

Much love to you all.

Lois Brown said...

So beautiful! congratulations to you and to Hannah and everyone! I'm sure it was perfect in every way!!

crumbcrunchersmom said...

Ahhh - Hannah is a wonder, and so is your talent for putting her into words. I was captivated the day I met her, then found all of you!! The whole family is exceptional in every way.

John and Laura said...

Mona, I am in awe at your abundantly talented, beautiful writing.

Congratulations to all of you. A beautiful photo of mother and daughter!

Brent and Emily said...

Love it. And her. And you.

Sharon said...

Fabulous bride, fabulous groom, fabulous day! So happy we could share it with you all.

Bri... only she said...

They were on FIRE! That's the best possible way to describe it. I've never basked in so much light. :) Congrats Ken and Hannah!

Debra Woods said...

It truly was a wondrously perfect day from start to finish, but, gazing into her face as she knelt at the altar was a beauty and love and abundance - the perfect word for it - abundance so radiant I was warmed to my core - she was at perfect peace, looking into Ken's eyes and surrounded by loved ones so dear, from both sides of the veil. It was an awesome moment. I am so happy I was able to be there. Your post is the final Pièce de résistance of the day for Hannah that dreams are made of.