Friday, December 5, 2008

My Gospel Definitions Part 1

Since Mona's Musings will include so many references to gospel terminology, the language of the prophets, I thought I'd begin with the list of "Gospel Definitions" I have discovered or landed upon throughout my studies. I love each one and a happy soul when I ponder their magnificence, intelligence, clarity and simplicity.

Consecration = the willingness to give, set apart, or devote everything we have on earth to God’s cause.

Covenant = Promise made by man to God: commitment to use sacred knowledge to the blessing of self and others; the key to perfection of character.

Evil = Satan acting upon our flesh, which influence, if followed, results in loss of reasoning power and limitation of options.

Faith = the process of reaching beyond our knowledge. The more knowledge we possess, the farther we can reach. Absolute conformity + absolute action = absolute confidence.

Good = God acting upon our spirits, which influence, if followed, results in greater reasoning power and wider range of options.

Humility = a soul convinced of its worth to God.

Gospel = the laws of progress by which mankind may obtain a fullness of joy.

Holy = consistent, pure behavior in perfect harmony with God’s will.

Joy = unity with other intelligences in truth.

Justification = the immediate result of being forgiven and the end result of specific repentance, including freedom from guilt and change of heart - being forgiven from sin.

Love = the medium through which value is conveyed.

Patience = reconciling with the fact that God operates on a different plane: that time is measured only unto man.

Pride = a soul trying to prove its worth.

Sacrifice = the willingness to surrender self-interest for the betterment of another or for a cause.

Salvation = freedom from pain.

Sanctification = the long-term process of being made holy and having a change of nature; purified from the effects of sin (and the Fall).

Testimony = Enthusiasm for Jesus which comes from knowing and living His gospel truths. “And hereby we do know that we know him, if we keep his commandments.” (1 John 2:3)

Zion = establishing the ideals of Jesus!


rwallace said...

I loved the cake story, I can remember many memories that are similar to your story. However I do not have the talent in recreating the experience on paper so well.
Happy Birthday tomorrow.

Christy said...

Have a terrific 50th Birthday!
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