Sunday, March 8, 2009

Creative Comments and a Winner

I'm inspired! Kudos to Commentators who Contributed to our CREATIVITY! I made a list with all your names and numbered them (two for those who mentioned Musings in their own blog or emailed friends). With 3 witnesses looking over my shoulder (who all have the same last name as I do) I then entered the numbers into the True Random Number Generator and pop! up came the number 11, which correlated to ELISABETH! trust you'll do something fantastically creative with your Micheal's Gift Certificate Elisabeth!


Elisabeth said...

Do you mean me? I figure there are probably not that many other people who spell Elisabeth with an "S". How cool! I was anxious to check last night but my internet was not working. I'll have you know as soon as the repair man left the first thing I did before checking my email or facebook, was to check your new posting. What a blessing! After reading everyone's postings I feel inspired to go pick out some crafts for my kids and I to enjoy together.

Elisabeth said...

By the way, THANK YOU Mona!

Mona said...

YES darling! It's YOU!

I've been traveling home from SLC today and just "touched ground". I'm so glad you're excited. I'll get your gift certificate off tomorrow I hope.

THANK YOU AGAIN for your enthusiasm and support. I love you!