Sunday, April 19, 2009

Talented Musers and a Winner!

You make me feel like singing and dancing! Kudos to follower friends who mused on The Kids Have Got Talent and Romance the Heart! I made a list with all your names and numbered them (two for those who commented both weeks.) With witnesses looking over my shoulder (who have the same last name as I do) I then entered the numbers into the True Random Number Generator and pop! up came the number 35, which correlated to SERENE!

Take the kiddos out for ice cream Serene – which do you like best? Cold Stone?...Baskin and Robbins?…or MY personal favorite – McDonalds! (Did you know McCones are always 3 points?!) Just kidding - splurge!

P.S. Sorry this is late...I was in the hospital on the afore-appointed date for the "drawing"!


Serene is my name, not my life! said...

I won? Yea!!! I never win things! Wahoo! And can I just say how much my kids and my husband LOVE ice cream?
I think I'd like to try Baskin Robbins. I haven't eaten there in years!

Mona said...

You GOT it!