Tuesday, September 6, 2011

A Reappraised, Refocused Life

 Dear Fellow Musers,

Musing, to my mind, means more than pondering, certainly more than thinking: we regularly ponder and constantly think. Musing is more purposeful. It is different than self-narrative and more than personal essay. Ruminating, comparing, and analyzing, it brings the Muser to an enlightened conclusion.

Flexing Musing Muscle takes time, space, and energy, three things I normally have, or make room for. For instance, despite the crazy demands on my life this past year, I've managed to muse and publish weekly -- even multiple musings on multiple sites. However, nature has introduced a completely new factor into my life -  unexpectedly, that is affecting the time, space, and energy I have to muse, at least in the pattern I'm accustomed to. In order to live well and live long, I have to step back, even re-invent many foundational aspects...not just of my life - but of ME.   

My current bible is a book called The First Year -- Rheumatoid Arthritis: An Essential Guide for the Newly Diagnosed. The author, M.E.A. McNeil, has become a trusted mentor and I quote:

"Lance Armstrong said that if he had to choose between the experiences of disease and winning the Tour de France, he'd choose disease; he says it's made him more human. Fortunately, we are not faced with a life-threatening illness, but we can still be changed by a reappraised, refocused life. The diagnosis motivates us to begin to do things we've always intended to do to take care of ourselves. It changes our angle of vision; it prompts us to educate ourselves and act on what we learn. It can bring families and friends closer. It can be a catalyst for us to simplify our lives and let go of things that are not important." 

Musing IS important; nothing can keep me from it; even my hands. But in the quest for simplicity, for a stress-less life, for a calm, centered mind, and sweetly-slow body -- crucial to wellness now and far down the road -- I will publish Musings (here and elsewhere) on the timetable of the heart and on the days my thumbs work best. So good-bye 'every Sunday' - see you when I see you. I hope you're still there when I need you.


P.S. Daily Hints of Romance will continue at Mona's Musings on Facebook and Musings will appear on Monday mornings at Mormon Mommy Blogs. And again, I will publish occassionally at both Gospel Musings and Mona's Musings with a Hint of Romance. Please keep in touch for a wonderful surprise I have been working on for a long time......


Sara Lyn said...

That's a big diagnosis. Take care of yourself. We'll miss the frequency, but enjoy all the more your musings online. Chronic disease is really difficult, but one side blessing is it really does help one focus (I personally think) on what is really important. Love and prayers

Lois Brown said...

I'm so sorry that you are facing this now! But understand that you need to take care of you first!! I will follow and enjoy whenever you can!!! You are in my prayers my dear friend!! Love to you always, Lois

John and Laura said...

Oh, Mona! You inspire me. I will continue to enjoy your musings and FB posts, whenever they come. Praying for you! It was wonderful to see you last week. Can we do it again soon?

Sharon said...

Oh Mona, I'm so very sorry to hear you have developed this new challenge, it's not an easy one! You certainly are approaching it well, keep it up. Take care of yourself. I'll continue to love your postings whenever they appear. Much love, Sharon

Debra Woods said...

The timing of this is not coincidental. After a VERY intense year of giving and serving and worrying about everyone else, and 30 years of being a caregiver extraordinaire for beautiful Ashley, it is amazing that all the recipients of your intense mothering, mentoring, directing, leading are moving forward and in the freedom that is left, your body has disarmored itself and is now demanding the respite it desperately needs from YOU - the only one who can give it what it needs. There are very few times or things in life that NO ONE ELSE can do but us - growing a baby inside our bodies is one, and taking care of our bodies is the other. You have never done JUST that, always stretching to super-human capacity to care for others, now . . . take care of Mona. You deserve it my friend, you have nothing else to prove. You have done more than most people could do in several lifetimes. Love and hugs, Debbi

Domestic Diva said...

I didn't know where to write you back after your sweet note on my blog. I just wanted to thank you, I felt your love in those few words, and your empathy. My grandma had seven miscarriages, her farthest along was five months, she said that was the hardest one for her, and they were all difficult. I'm amazed at how many women have gone through this, and my heart has grown in ways I never knew it would, both for my sisters who have known this pain, and for the experience of losing someone I already loved so much. In the midst of sorrow the Lord has taught me deeper gratitude for my sweet little Scotty and the miracle of babies that are born everyday! I have been embraced by such kindness, and supported by so many. I feel so blessed. I love you Mona.